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    For 1 year's term

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    俄羅斯大型連鎖超市1B 大中華區總裁——Slava

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    DDD Serviced Office

    Bring your briefcase, and start your work right away!

    Bring your briefcase, start the work right away Flexible leasing term and office types Cost-effective and hassle-saving Company House-keeper service

    Started from year of 2005, as one of the pioneer service provider in Guangzhou since 2005, our serviced offices is where you can bring your business to greater heights. It is here where you can enjoy a fully-furnished workspace and start work instantly while our professional service team assists you with your business needs. Along with a wide variety of supporting services, you can concentrate on what the most important aspects of your business and leave the rest to us.

    Our premium workspaces include:
    ·Grand reception area and spacious communal space
    ·Modern and tasteful interiors
    ·Ergonomic office furniture
    ·Fiber-internet access and Digital Phone


    2005established as the pioneer local business center operator, famous and trust-worthy brand 8years of local know-how and advantageous local resources, pioneer service provider

    10000sqm operation area of business center in Tianhe CBD, dedicated in network and variety 47floor high-end brand – Grace business center, locating at one of the most premium grade A building at heart of Tianhe CBD

    100000local startup companies service provider, The Delegated starting business promotion center of Guangzhou civil CYL (Committee of Youth League) 1stop company house-keeper services: serviced office, business registration, taxation agency, etc.

    Our guarantee: we can save up to 80% of your workspace cost

    More Serviced Office

    The advantages of DDD Serviced Office

    Fully-furnished Hassle saver
    Start the work right away without initial office investment Avoid the hassle of decorating your office from scratch
    Cost-effective Flexibility
    Save on cost of equipment depreciation and maintenance Flexible leasing rental (by month/quarter/year)
    Premium Corporate image One-stop Services
    Project a premium corporate image with a CBD presence A team of service professionals enable you to focus on your core business, while we take care of the rest
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